Thursday , 27 July 2017
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Asus Zenbo

Asus brings first home robot Zenbo

Asus launched its first home robot, Zenbo, at Computex 2016 in Taipei. Zenbo is priced at $599 (approx. 40300 INR) but there are no details about when it will be available for sales.

The robot is two feet tall and walks around on wheels. It aims to provide assistance, entertainment and companionship to families. Though designed for everybody , the company claims that it is has special functions to offer for the elderly people.

Zenbo will offer spoken reminders to the people like doctor’s appointments , exercise schedules and many more. Asus has also enabled Zenbo to connect with traditional and smart home devices. It will be able to switch on/off TV, light , fans etc. You will also be able to check who is at the door through the built-in screen and then it can unlock the door through your voice command.

Zenbo will also be able to place video calls, shop online and operate social networking sites. Zenbo will be helpful in medical emergency situations like falls. In such a situation it will immediately inform the specified family member through an emergency notification on their smartphone . The family member so informed will be able to remotely control the robot and visually check the person through Zenbo’s inbuilt camera.

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