Friday , 21 July 2017
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Facebook is using WhatsApp User’s information

WhatsApp has made a recent announcement that there will be a little changes in user’s privacy. Facebook which now owns WhatsApp will be able to use the data as per the new changes over Data Being Shared. This is not only for Facebook but for all its community like Atlas, Instagram, Moves Live-Rail and any more.

The core principle of WhatsApp was the user’s privacy which is now changed as it’ll be sharing all the user’s data. This will include all the Data including  the understanding of Services , Spams, Filtering, Connectivity, Security and other user activities.

Users can read the new Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp which clearly dictates that all the data can be used and you’re sharing it with Facebook and all its associated companies. This is the first time after 4 years when WhatsApp changes its Privacy Rules.

Segments in which User’s will face trouble:

  • Data is being shared with Facebook, It’ll compromise with Privacy and Security as it is the Largest Community or can be said as the Largest Data Collector or World. They can use it as they want.
  • There is an option in it that you can opt out from their new Terms and Conditions. But FAQ page gives an unsophisticated message “The Facebook Family will still can see and use the information for other purpose . . . “

So there is no Privacy opt as real which is shown in WhatsApp right now. Only option is to leave the app or don’t use your Confidential or major Useful Data. As this is an Internet World, users need these Apps regularly and you can’t actually stop using them.

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