Friday , 21 July 2017
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PNB Metlife Infinity app

PNB MetLife Infinity app: A secure digital hub to store data

PNB MetLife launches “ PNB MetLife Infinity ”, it allows the user to create a digital legacy by enabling you to share important documents and memories with your nominees in case something were to happen to you. PNB MetLife Infinity is available on the Android Play Store and Apple App Store.

PNB MetLife Infinity is a 100% safe and secure app where you can store valuable personal information such as birth certificates, passports, important financial and insurance documents, home agreement, bills and more to share with friends and family right now or at some point in the future. This secure digital hub allows you free storage of up to 5GB.

With a simple interface that is privately shareable, the PNB MetLife Infinity app also allows you to capture and share your most precious memories and deliver everything to your loved ones at a predetermined time in the future. All the information is password-protected and permanently backed up, safe and sound.

Major features of PNB MetLife Infinity app:

  • Functionality – This platform works in an upload and share-the-access way. E.g. if a particular album is shared with some people, then further edits in that album will automatically be visible to the recipients
  • Content -Provides support for audio, videos, photo and documents.
  • Scheduling – You can continue adding to your albums over the years and schedule releases of your precious memories and documents to those you care about, at any point in the future
  • Sharing – No limit specified on the number of people or groups you can select to share the content
  • Contacts – People can be added as ‘loved ones’ or ‘Chosen loved ones’ and also clubbed together in form of groups. This will be stored in the contact list in the PNB MetLife Infinity app
  • Pass on your legacy – In case of any unfortunate event where the account owner cannot access his/her account, the ‘Chosen Loved One’ can mark the account as inactive and the scheduled content will be shared with respective recipients
  • Storage – Free 5GB storage

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