Sunday , 23 July 2017
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Samsung UFS cards

Samsung brings UFS Cards: MicroSD’s Successor

The Korean tech group Samsung comes with its new UFS cards, it means Universal Flash Storage. It is said to be successor of the widely used microSD card. These cards are not compatible with the current gen running smartphone and will be mainly subjected for the high professional devices like DSLRs, Action Camera, Drones, 3D VRs etc. There is no words about the pricing and availability by the company.

It offers up to twice of the writing speed and five times of reading speed than the MicroSD cars. The Samsung UFS cards read up to 530MB/s and 170MB/s writing speed as compare to the top MicroSD card which offers only 95MB/s reading and 95MB/s writing speed. It’s a huge difference bought up by the company towards the storage section.

The UFS cards has “Simultaneous reading and writing technology” which means it allows to more than one path to transfer or copy the files, while the MicroSD allows only one. Hence the productivity or work is multiplied and speed is enhanced. Company brings this technology to helps the Photography as well as other major storage Industry which needs to copy or work over a large data at same time. This will help them to record and run faster with better quality.

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